Java Regular Expressions – Getting Started

String emailPattern = "[_A-Za-z0-9-]+((\\.|_)
Pattern ptn = Pattern.compile(emailPattern);

Regular expressions are a powerful string processing tool for any developer. Java offers both basic and more advanced regular expression support in the String class and in the java.util.regex library package.

Getting started with Object Oriented Javascript

The early days of Javascript programming usually meant creating some functions to generate popups or apply simple effects in a web page but today’s rich Internet applications that have come to define Web 2.0 will sometimes have large Javascript codebases stretching to 1000′s of lines of code. So the days of building simple javascript functions are coming to an end, modern development requires that we use all the features of the language to structure our code cleanly and in a form that’s easy maintainable. Lets take a look at using Object oriented features in your code.

Create a To do list with jQuery

To-do list

Here we’ll create a To do list which allows the user to add items to their list and check off completed items. For this we’ll use jQuery event handling and we’ll see how to manipulate the DOM by inserting new HTML elements into it.

A introduction to jQuery

$('div#friends > div.friend').each( function() {
  var name = $(this).text();

jQuery is a leading Javascript library for HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, AJAX and much more. In this article we’ll introduce the basics of jQuery including the Selector and move on to handling events and adding AJAX to a web page.